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Will deleting an app make the name available again?

Well, I have just deleted my app so as to start over. Now, when recreating I get the message "Sorry ‘name of the app’ is alredy taken. :frowning:

Either you got super unlucky and someone created an app with the same name in that time or it hasn’t updated and should be available in a few seconds.

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Bumping into the same issue. I had App 1, which I wanted to copy into App 2.

So I created App 2, then saw the copy button, and deleted App 2 in order to Copy App 1 “into it” instead.

Upon attempting to do so, I see the message that App 2 name is already taken.

Stuck. Hopefully this resolves itself.

It looks like this behavior has changed since I posted my response in July. I tried a test this morning, and the name of an app I deleted the better part of an hour ago is still not available for use with a new app. I know that wasn’t the case back in July (i.e., names of deleted apps were available immediately).

Who knows… maybe Bubble is only flagging the apps for deletion now and then actually deleting them via a bulk operation at a certain time of the day, but again, the behavior is definitely different now.


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Confirmed that 24 hours later and the name of my deleted app is still “Taken”. Might write into support given I’m not sure how fastidiously they read this forum.


@eve @josh @emmanuel Can you give some insight on this please?

Hello folks! We’ve updated this behavior recently, so old app names are no longer available even after app deletion. Since these app names are used primarily for indexing purposes – that is to say, they’re not visible to your users after you’ve upgraded to a plan where you can place your app on a custom domain – we’ve chosen to do this to allow our team a better means of keeping track of deleted applications.

We are also working on a way to allow our Success team to “free up” these app names upon user request, so once that feature is available you’ll be able to write in to us at [email protected] and have us permanently clear out your old app’s history to reuse the name.


Thanks, @eve. This is similar to what I just heard from Carla at support (quoted below). I’d be very interested that “free up” feature once it’s complete - a drag not to have access to a name because I own the deleted instance!

“Thanks for reaching out; we are sorry to hear about this experience! While, we do not recycle app names, we are reevaluating if there is way for us to allow then to be reused once an app has been deleted and will update the community if our policy on this changes. Do keep in mind that once an app is on a custom domain, the name of the app will no longer be visible to your end users. The app names are only used for indexing purposes on Bubble’s end. Let us know if you have further questions!”


Well, now we know. I wish I could edit my initial response in this thread to tell anyone who comes across it in the future to keep reading past that response, but no dice.

@john.buchelin, because it’s your thread, I believe only you can mark a response as the solution, and I would suggest you mark Eve’s response as the solution to this thread.

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@simon.riker @eve Hello, I’m just facing with the same situation, which brought me here now. I’m also very interested in the free up name feature. What would be the best way to know the status on the progress of the feature so that we could write to the support at appropriate timing?


All of our releases are displayed on the Releases page, so keeping an eye there is your best bet! Our team can also add your info to our ticket if you write in to us at [email protected] :slight_smile:


Excellent - thanks Eve !

Good idea - all done.

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Well shoot. I wish I had known that. I haven’t even gotten started yet and I’m stuck.

Well that’s to bad. I have a business name and logo with the app name I’ve chosen. Being very new to Bubble, like other platforms, I thought I could just start over. So I deleted my app and cannot get the app name back. My only hope is, because I own the domain and have website, I can develope under a working name, then host on my domain. If not, I have to move platforms before even starting on what looks like an amazing platform

@tbcguytb Your app name is really not that important - unless you’re intending to leave it on a Bubble domain.

If you use your own domain then no-one will even see the app name once it’s published on your domain.

Sometimes I’ve got apps I’m working on who’s Bubble name bears no relation to the company name or domain that the app is eventually for, so I wouldn’t worry too much about your app name.

By the way, you can ‘change’ your app name as it appears on your App Dashboard at any time just by clicking on the name and typing a new one (even if it’s the same as an existing app). It won’t actually change the App ID or the Bubble subdomain your app is on, but it will change how it appears in your dashboard for easy reference.

Thanks Adam. I shall carry on then. I’m excited about this platform😃

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At least add a User message to warn a User that he would lose the app name.

Hey @e.onwuejeogwu,

There is a warning of this when you delete your app.

Hi @johnny, I happen to agree with @e.onwuejeogwu. The message should better appear before you create your app so you don’t even get to this point at all.

This happened to me too, and I imagine it happens to a lot of brand new users like me. You come and excitedly create something with your ‘super duper’ app name thinking you’ll just wing it. And then you realise Bubble is not your average platform and you have to humble yourself and learn a few things. Then when you are finally ready to create that super duper app, you realise you need to start from the scratch. But then --surprise-- your super duper name is no longer available. You may be in for a full-blown super duper panic attack!

Luckily it turns out the app name itself isn’t that important based on some good info on this thread, but you don’t know this from the beginning and there isn’t a lot of information setting you up for this beforehand.

It would be a nice feature if you get a notice as you are about to create your app warning you to only use a name you plan to maintain. So say you are planning to just test things out you can use something like ‘test-appname’ and make the real app with the real ‘appname’ later.

Two cents.