Will it be possible to sort and filter based on the field values held by custom fields?

Sorry if my search is lacking and topics are covered.

I am using Bubble’s DB, making full use of field of custom type, making relationship-like references, and listing them on the screen.
In this case, I want to do a filter or sort based on the value of the field in the custom type.
This is like doing a JOIN in RDB, and then using the child elements to do a WHERE or ORDER BY.

If we want to do it on the front side, we can use filtered as a datasource,
However, there are situations where we want to do this in a list that handles a large amount of data. in backend process ( in “search for…” ).

Is there no other way but to voice this as a request?
If yes, we would appreciate it if you could incorporate it positively :slight_smile:
So that, we can handle systems with many users in this platform.
Thank you in advance.

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Unfortunately I’ve spent hours and days trying to find a way to use advanced sorting options but Bubble only allows us to sort by “standard” fields in data type (like text, number, date, boolean etc.), you can’t use custom fields (pointing to other data types or option set values).

I’m now considering using a plugin to manipulate the list with custom states.

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