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Will my app be able to handle a high volume of traffic?

Hey there, folks! I have a quick question regarding the Personal Plan and its’ ability to handle large traffic spikes.

I’ve built a sports team fundraising platform for a client. It’s a relatively simple app and there aren’t a ton of workflows set up – it’s essentially an admin dashboard with donation pages that the admin creates, with Stripe for payment processing.

There’s a fundraiser approaching that the client is interested in launching on this new platform. Here’s the kicker: this fundraiser is for 640 students… if we consider at least a few visitors donating for each student, we’re talking a few thousand users a day over the course of a week. This is no small fundraiser!

With that said, will Bubble be able to handle this influx of traffic?

Yes however maybe not on the personal plan, it all depends on your app, database, workflows and how well you built it, You may need to bump it up and and add capacity. It really depends on your build.

I’d suggest having a few people all at once visit and donate on the test site (using the dummy credit card code for the stripe test environment), and then checking your log to see what % of capacity it took.

I recall seeing some posts here and there with people sharing their experience with capacity on a personal plan – there may be some relevant reference points in the forum you can unearth.

You can of course do some free capacity boosts (I think you can do this on the personal plan, but not sure since I’m on professionals), and time them for when the email blast is going out.

Thank you both, very helpful.

It sounds like we’ll start with the Personal plan and see what comes of it!

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