Will my current domain's google SEO rankings be affected switching to Bubble?


Because building with bubble is so great and easy - I’ve rebuilt an existing business site that was long overdue for an update. I originally hosted through Godaddy and used Godaddy’s website builder to build it. Several years later and the google SEO ranking are pretty good! 1st page most of the time.

My question is when I change the domain to point to my new Bubble built site - will it affect the current SEO rankings that have been established through the old Godaddy website builder?

If anyone has some existing experience with this let me know! Thanks.


You will need to replicate the same links that you have on your current site to maintain rankings as I don’t think bubble will allow 301 redirects to the homepage. But also be aware changing your content could affect your on page SEO as well. So if your ranking for particular keywords etc it could be due to how your content is structured I.e keywords appearing in h1 tags images with keywords in the alt tag etc. Also another thing to bear in mind is “technical seo” this is where page load speed matters so before you switch check with some page speed tools to see if the page load speed is the same or better and try to optimise your bubble site as much as possible.

In short it won’t affect your rankings if you do it right! If you do it wrong you could see a drop.

Hope that helps!


I tell a lie looking back through the announcements you can perform 301 redirects!!!

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@chrislarge305 Thanks for the tons of useful information. I didn’t see that post before, but it seems relatively easy. I just need to brush up on my 301 redirects… always trying something new with bubble!

I appreciate the time.


No problem at all glad I could help…

Edit: just to let you know jason I also replied to a similar question here in a bit more detail as im a bit more awake now!

@jasondiehl07, did you migrate you site over? How’d that impact your search traffic? Any new thoughts on Bubble’s SEO now that you’ve seen it compared to your prior site?

@sridharan.s , I did migrate over and it worked great. I’ve actually seen an increase in traffic and SEO now that it’s on bubble. Business has never been better!