Will pay $25 to fix duplicate results error

Hi guys,

I will pay $25 to fix this issue. If you see ‘Solved’ in the heading then it’s already done!

My website is for creating invoices. Users first create a Job, such as ‘Fixing Mr Brown’s gate’ and then they can create invoice(s) which are linked to that Job.

I originally only had one Datatype for Invoice, but recently realised I needed to have one for Job also. This additional has caused a few issues, here are two issues which I need to solve first:

1. Parent group text won’t display

When first arriving at a new (empty) invoice we should see the Users saved default text in this field.

2. Duplicate invoices

When editing an invoice we do not want it to create a new invoice, we just want it to be edited. I have stated when creating a new invoice Only when: group-create-invoice's Job Invoice's Invoice-number is empty but this isn’t working. It should work because invoices have unique numbers.

You can see in the DB the invoice has a unique number, but after editing any invoice it creates a second (new) invoice?

I’d like to pay $25 to fix two of these issues.

Please don’t offer advice on how to fix them as I have worked 10 hours a day for the last week on this, I am not doing it anymore. Please DM me if you think you are able to fix it, but please do not contact me if you have less than a year experience or if you ‘think’ you can fix it. I have 2 years experience and I can not fix it. Thank you guys.

If possible, pre-created your invoice so it will be always ‘modify’ and faster. As I can see, “invoice-number is empty” doesn’t make it. Have you tried invoice-number < 1 ?

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Thanks @JohnMark I wouldn’t know how to pre-create an invoice, I have more pressing matters to just get the basics working first!

Also, your comment “ ‘invoice-number is empty’ doesn’t make it" is slightly confusing because this is the issue which I am seeking help with. Editing an invoice should not create a new one.

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Pass the unique ID of invoice number in URL parameters to the same group which is used to create an invoice.
Bring the data from URL parameter to the same group. Use the edit workflow when the URL parameter is not empty.
Please DM me if you want me to solve this for you. I don’t charge anything.

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Good suggestion but it didn’t work.

That is very kind, I will contact you thanks.