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Will pay you $50 to help me (noob) for one hour

Hi guys I’m looking to hire a tutor to help me with a couple things on bubble. I might only need a 1 -hour zoom meeting with someone to help me make this thing work. I’m in Australia so I’ll be free from 9am AEST time onwards which is from 7pm US time onwards. Email me if you are interested. Thanks.

[email protected]

@jared.gibb is good and i think this is his rate


@mikeloc helped me this weekend on an issue I was pretty convinced wasn’t possible to solve. Highly recommend!


Hey @jessefarquhar48 :wave:

Have you looked at the Bubble coaching page yet? It might be a bit over your budget, but there are some good coaches to choose from there.

I would recommend at least giving it a shot.

Hope that helps! :blush:


For All Your No-Code Education Needs:

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Hi !
I offer coaching/mentoring sessions for a lower rate than 50$/h.
Check them here:

Happy Bubbling :smiley:

Here is a link to me explaining the workflow i’m trying to make and need help with:

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we’ll get this done lickety split!

This is a quick easy thing to fix Jesse - a few minutes. You’ll kick yourself - you’re probably just missing one tiny thing. Everyones advice is correct @blurapps - there will just be some little thing you’ve missed.