Will running multiple "Trigger a custom event when data changes" actions stack up against me?

Do you know if using the “Trigger a custom event when data changes” action multiple times ties up memory on a page in a negative way? What if I use several of them throughout the day and the data they’re watching never changes? Any idea if that would have a cumulative effect on computer memory use by the browser that can only be fixed by a page refresh? Alternatively, do you know if there is a way to stop watching for data to change on a given item other than making a change to the only field it’s watching?


It is unlikely. However, because I do not know the exact implementation of Bubble’s client-side engine I cannot give an absolute guarantee. If Bubble has implemented the client-side through the standard ECMAScript event loop then the volume of event listeners you are adding are probably a couple factors of 10 lower then the listeners that are on even the most basic app. Think of all the hover, mouse move, on click, etc…event listeners a typical app has.

That’s reassuring, @aaronsheldon! Thank you for the input.

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