Will this User profile endpoint workaround cause problems?

Hello! I’m trying to use the User-Agent Flow OAuth to connect to an API, unfortunately the API I’m trying to use (ecobee smart thermostats) doesn’t have a user profile endpoint. I’ve managed a workaround where I instead direct the User profile endpoint to a ‘/thermostatSummary’ endpoint, which provides the following JSON response:

"thermostatCount": 1,
"revisionList": [
"statusList": [
"status": {
    "code": 0,
    "message": ""

Obviously, this isn’t a user Id or an email, but it works. Honestly I’m not really sure exactly what the User profile endpoint in the connector is for, and so I’m not sure if this ‘solution’ is going to break down when there are multiple users. Does the User ID key value have to be unique? Any information/advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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The “user profile” is to support “login with” / “sign up with” functionality. It’s been a while since I worked with this part of the API connector, so I’m not sure off the top of my head how spoofing the user profile endpoint might break things with APIs.

I’ve worked with an API that was like this (no profile endpoint) and had to manage tokens myself (which is really awful in Bubble).

Never thought to try what you’re doing here. It’s an interesting question (whose answer probably depends on the specifics of the zigbee API), but perhaps another sharp Bubbler will chime in here.