Will this Workflow delete the wrong thing?

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I am working on a real estate negotiating platform…here is some underlying info. In real estate if I am the buyer and I submit an offer and the seller makes a counter offer, my initial offer is completely gone/dead/irrelevant/etc… and the Counter Offer is the only relevant offer, even though it is commonly referred to “the counter offer” it is nothing more than an offer, there can only be one offer between a buyer and a seller. If you knew that I am sorry to bore you with the back story :slight_smile:

In the picture below the buyer or seller is Countering an offer they received. The workflow is the user is just “making changes to existing offer” through out the counter offer exercise. When they press review contract I want my application to delete the current Page Offer and create a new offer.

The current page type is Offer. My question is, in the screenshot below which offer am I deleting? The original, the counter or both?


Based on the screenshot, my belief is that you are going to delete the original offer, not the new counter offer.

When you create a new offer, that is not automatically the one that the “current page” is referencing. (If you wanted the “current page” to update the “current page’s offer” to the newly created object - which I don’t believe is the case - you would need a “Go to page” navigation between step 2 and 3, where you reference Results of Step 2 as the thing to send.

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Thank you again @dan1 as usual! :slight_smile:

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