Win Free Lifetime Plugin for Multiple domains on your bubble app

Anyone want to test out the new version of the plugin? Beta Test: SaasAlias Plugin for whitelabeling domains

Hey @gaimed,

Any idea about when your Saasalias plugin will be made available by Bubble after their review?

Need to plan my remaining work, including the whitelabel feature integration :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I can give you beta access to the new plugin if you want. If its released you will have 1 month to switch to the new plugin.

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Wow great, would be awesome so that I will start asap working on its integration. Thanks @gaimed!
My app id is smappv3


Power label. Absolutely amazing! Is the competition still going on?

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@gaimed I’m building a SAAS and very interested in using your plugin. I would like to hear from you about the great advantages of a multiple domain name.

Now I have put everything from my Saas app under 1 domain as well as the landing page to attract new customers.

As far as I understand this is only not positive for SEO. But are there any other benefits to using this?

I was wondering the same. Maybe I missed the benefits to this plugin or using subdomains.

Would it be as easy to have a domain hosted on for example as the landing page and have a sub domain of that be the app?

Yes you can add subdomains with helps with seo. You can find a lot on Google about it.

A real power booster. Though expensive in all means

You can buy the source code of the plugin from me for 10k an give it away for free.

New pugin release. This will replace Powerlabel.

The SaasAlias - Multiple domains will be 10 dollars a month till May (beta period). After that it will increase to 25 dollars a month*.

  • You will also need the SaasAlias - Config Generator plugin for one time purchase of 25 dollars (will increase to 50 dollars in May).

  • If you want instant subdomains the SaasAlias - SSL plugin will be 5 dollars a month till May. After that it will increase to 10 dollars a month.

If you subscribe in March you will lock in lower price

Get it before its to late :slight_smile:

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@gaimed Do API calls to the domains added with SaasAlias work or do those only work with the original Bubble domain?

It works. You can use the custom domains.

Which of your plugins will I need for this functionality?

The config generator one and the deploy one.