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Windows Laptop or Chromebook?

Just want to know if you guys use chromebook for bubbling? If yes, is there any chomebook for $200-300 range that is efficient for bubbling while on the go without any socket for long duration?

I own an old laptop (i5 3rd gen with 8gb ram), using it for bubble but cannot use it without socket since battery is defective.

Planning to replace it with macbook but still saving funds to buy a new one and 1. waiting for update in the next release of Apple macbooks with Silicon CPU.

My dilemma is, should I buy a new windows laptop NOW or just buy a chromebook that will do the job for about 1year while waiting for the apple updated cpu.

If you recommend chromebook, what specs should I look for? Should I have 8gb ram? And what kind of cpu should I need?


I would suggest getting the chromebook and waiting. Anyone should do the job as Bubble is browser-based.

Have you tried bubbling using chromebook?

I’m planning to have Lenovo Chromebook Due for the mean time. Would bubble editor work good enough with that device?

I often use a Lenovo Chromebook Yoga C630 and it works fine.

What helps most is having the 15.6" screen for Bubble !

It seems C630 has good features? I see it’s around 2-3x my budget. Hehe

Would Lenovo Chromebook Duet (only 10.1” display) suffice for bubbling? Or it’s too small and under powered?

If you go for a Chromebook and you are serious about Bubble get as much memory as you can. Bubble is much smoother in the browser with more memory. A lot of chromebooks still come with 4GB, I’d make sure have at least 8GB.

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Thanks bro. Will tablet screen size be good for bubble?

Can you suggest chromebook with 8gb ram within 200-300 USD range?

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