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Wish list of features

Hey guys, the platform is amazing, however here are some of my features for a wish list :smile:

  1. when resizing the image keep its ratio
  2. create new page from workflow based on some template
  3. possibility to use the value returned from an embedded code in the workflow
  4. possibility to call URL with specific value and get the value of the response
  5. an option to enable auto-scrolling when the dynamic content of a group,page or other element becomes bigger in height.
  6. Option to set a workflow for link blocks
  7. Setting up a workflow not only when the element is clicked but also when hovered
  8. Opening URLs from workflow in a new window (now only opens in the same one)
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As it happens, you can already do a lot of these things.

  1. You’re talking about edit mode right? Just press shift when you resize the image, as you would do in PowerPoint
  2. That wouldn’t be scalable at all… What you want to do here is to have a general ‘profile’ page, for instance, and send a user to that page and display that user in the page, as Facebook does. Facebook only has one profile page, but you just send a different user each time. Check the send data to page lesson.
  3. You can do a lot of things like this with Blockspring. We haven’t announced the feature yet, but it’s basically there. Just create your own block with some custom code, install it in Bubble and you can get the result (see
  4. Same answer as 3
  5. That happens for repeating groups already. For groups, the way it works is that they get extended automatically when the content inside gets higher. you’d have to set some elements as stretchable, like texts or mutliline inputs.
  6. What do you mean by this?
  7. What is the use case here? That sounds a bit dangerous…
  8. That one is impossible because of browsers’ native behavior (thank you ad popups of the early 2000s…)
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Thanks, Emmanuel,
Here are my comments
I’ll check blockspring - i started learning about it more yesterday but didn’t get to this part.

  1. I mean a possibility to run a workflow when a link is clicked. For example I want to count the number of items a link with an icon is clicked. Right now it’s possible only if I let’s say put an icon inside a shape and define a workflow where on click a link will be opened and data in the database will be modified. But as I mentioned in #8 the link in that case will be opened only within the same page which is not ok in my case as it will drive the traffic outside.
  2. One of the uses will be to show a hint when the user hovers over “?” icon
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So for 1, check segment and mixpanel to see if that can do what you need. It’s actually not a trivial question, and require to slow down things a bit (if you use mixpanel there, it introduces a 300ms delay before the link is opened. If you like the mixpanel way, let us know, we can look at adding this.

  1. You can do this with a condition on the hint element. This is a much better design pattern than using a workflow for this.

But I also wanted to show the number of clicks to the user, so even if it’s possible with mixpanel it will seriously slow down things I guess

  1. it works. and indeed it’s a better practice, I initially looked at the conditions of the hovered element and didn’t see that it can manipulate appearance of other elements. Now I get it.


For #3 and #4
Which service should I choose in Blockspring to make this happen?
or if it’s my own block, how should I create it? I didn’t see that option neither in plugins nor in Blockspring dashboard.

Yes, create your own block at the bottom of their page. It’s a blockpsring question, not a bubble one.

found it, sorry.
Now when trying to install the block in bubble I get the following error:

i tried different types in blockspring but keep getting the same message. The block is called recaptcha client

You need to pick a type (and make sure the block runs). Without a type, Bubble can’t use it. it depends on your settings, but usually, tabular data is the way to go.

I had to refresh the editor page and after that it become possible adding the block. Otherwise it kept showing the error message regardless which type I choose.
So, how about enabling a workflow for links? Would it be possible to implement that? Using mixpanel to count the number of link clicks will be not so convenient.

No we can’t really do this, for the same reason as mixpanel. We’d have to slow down things to let the workflow run, etc. Adding mixpanel’s feature to track links is probably the best (but not perfect) way.

The other way to count analytics there is to count page loads on the next page, which should do the same thing.

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The way I’ve done this is set up a separate page called “redirect” that opens in a new window. Then when that page loads, it records a click and then forwards the user to the external URL. While the redirect is happening, there is a “redirecting…” message displayed - takes a second or two.


Thanks Vlad, Interesting idea, I’ll try it out!

That’s Dope Vlad!

Very smart, an internal “403” redirect ?

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RE #8
Not sure what you mean. How is the button opening the new link? If this is a button being called using window.location then it will be the same but if it’s using it should be able to open a new window.

Only asking because this is an essential feature I need and I imagine a bunch of other peeps might need, too. This is particularly a deal for me because I’ve icons opening previews of files I’ve uploaded and need to be able to open those previews in other windows.

Thanks much for listening.

You should use links for this, that’s how you avoid anti-popup systems.