Wishlist Feature


I have two pages
One is mentors page and one is wishlist page (copy of the mentor’s page and it is not visible)
I have a list of mentors from which the user can select their mentor’s (whichever they liked). https://learningcatalyst.bubbleapps.io/version-test/mentor_page_-2?debug_mode=true

The process is like this - when you click on the heart of any mentors on the mentor’s page, its color changes and it will get selected and then the wishlist button will appear.
When you click on the wishlist button you will get all the mentors on wishlist page which you have selected on the mentor’s page.
On my wishlist page, mentors are appearing like a jigsaw puzzle.

Can anyone tell me how can I get a mentor’s in a row?


I guess you used “group element” instead of Repeating Group on the “wish lists” page.

But that’s just a guess. A few screenshots and extra explanations may offer solutions instead of guessing. You can also share your editor’s link.


Thanks for your quick response.
Yes, your guess is right, it is group element which I have used not repeating group.
Can you tell me which screen shot you like to see because I have not taken paid plan yet, that’s why I guess not been able to share the editor’s link.
If there is another way, then please tell me of sharing the editors link…

Thanks for the help

Hi @wsu.app18

You can share your editor on all plans. Since we know you don’t use RG, it’s enough to send a few images from database types. Like below


Here is the link - https://bubble.io/page?name=index&id=learningcatalyst&tab=tabs-1


Did you finish the Bubble lessons? If the answer is no, I suggest you start.

In order to use the Repeating Group, you need to make changes to the database.

There are many videos like this one, When you finish it, you get the results you want.

Here a little example

After that, you can switch to RG, and you’ll need to add some data to the type of data in order to associate the mentors with the current user.

Please watch the videos, and if you still don’t get the result you want, please create another post, or, bump this post, the community will try to help.

Good luck!


Sorry for the late response.
I don’t know you have check my app or not otherwise you would have seen the mentors database
I know how to use repeating group and I have tried it but it wasn’t working that’s why I used element group.
You can check below -

On the wishlist page data is coming from the mentor’s page with the help of the work flow which I have set up

I think, you have used repeating group for the mentor’s…can you share me your editor’s link so that I can look it.


If you want to use it on two separate pages, you can create something similar.


Thanks buddy for your time and interest for this query.
This works for me and thanks once again for solving my problem

I’m glad your problem is solved! Happy Bubbling!