With Font Awesome 6.0 launched, has anyone implemented it yet?

FA team has sunsetted the CDN tool, so to get FA 6.0 icons we need to self host the CSS files and assets.
The ideal way is to do a self-hosted solution. FA has a Zip folder full of goodies that needs to be uploaded to our root directory. From here we would access the css file.

There’s no way to upload an entire folder to our root directory like this.

Has anyone achieved the use of FA 6?

I’ll Make a quick plugin

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You’re the real MVP!

What if you use the fileupload endpoint (which is not secured) and let people type in the URL to their app and then automatically upload the files to their app and provide them with the URLs to use within the app

very interesting approach. I was thinking something entirely different. I think your idea is pretty solid though. Will keep you updated.

Here’s Font Awesome 6 officianl docs: Docs Home | Font Awesome Docs

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