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Withcopilot course purchase shows an error but has charged the card

Hi! @copilot,
Recently I tried to purchase a course from and I got an error saying purchase wasn’t successful. But when I checked my bank account it has charged me for that.

I already left few messages on your website with customer chat widget (there is no other way to contact customer support or file a report) but no reply yet and it’s been few days now.

Please make a refund of my payment and solve this issue. Please make this a high priority as this is a payment related issue


I assume the team at Copilot is out for the holidays which may be why they haven’t responded to your messages yet. I have purchase several of their courses and communicated with their team in the past and never had any issues.

I’d suggest waiting a little longer for them to respond.

Yes. will wait for little longer and see

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