Wondering about a B2B project collaboration tool

Hi while exploring Bubble I have the idea to try to build a basic B2B project collaboration tool. I am stuck about the organization of specific part of this app.

  1. Ideally a company that creates an account, can find other companies that are subscribed with an account that are open for collaboration.

  2. Then also when a subscribed company wants to already administer and manage activities for them selves with a company that hasn’t subscribed to the platform yet it still should be possible to create a “new company” for this to put everything in the right place, so there is no restriction having to wait until this “new company” is registered to the platform.

But when that “new company” decides to create an account for themselves, how should I proceed?Because this company can already exist multiple times as a company created specifically by currently existing users.

How would you guys manage this scenario. Should I stick to option 1 and leave option 2? Or should I link/migrate accounts to existing companies?

Looking forward to you reply!

Maybe you can require unique information about a company like a Chamber of Commerce number or a web/email address so you can match companies with thous values.

Thanks! I also thought about this and will look into this. First I will focus on other more straight forward parts I want to build and try out