Wondering about Database trigger events


I know that when a thing is changed and the condition for a databse trigger event is true the workflow will be triggered. I’m wondering if the thing is modified during the workflow (whether with actions internal or external to the workflow from the database trigger event), will the event be retriggered? Can it only be executed once at a time? That is my question. Thanks

Triggers will not kick off another (or the same) trigger. Even from the Trigger if you scheduled an API workflow to make some changes, that won’t cause Trigger event either.

Nice, and when a “when condition is true” on the frontend is triggered and i schedule an API workflow inside, does it schedule itself infinitely as the condition stays true and the workflow is done?

The “When condition is true” (Set to “Everytime”) event only fires multiple times when the condition becomes true, then it has to flip back to false at some point, then becomes true again

If it’s stuck in true, and the condition is like, somehow true again it won’t trigger again.

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