Wont allow duplicate amount of a thing to be added

I am trying to build a manager report page where they input how many parts were used by each truck in that department. My parts are a list of things and the truck inventory amount of each part is a field. For example, “gas nozzle” is the part and one of the fields is for the profit(number) on that part and one of the fields is amount of stock(number) for that part. When adding parts my app creates a text describing what part was used, how many, and what truck. It also calculates how much profit and adds that to a field. The issue is if crew uses the same quantity of the same part then it does not add that data. Same thing with my hours of billable service. If two employee both have 1 hour that day of billable service I would like it to add a 1 and a 1 to my list for that field. however because it is a duplicate value it does not. Please advise. Thank you.

hai saarmstrong23,
have you solve this problem.