Won't get rid of more choice

won’t get rid of more choice, It should end after: Search for Propertys

Just click off of it, if it’s red then you need to complete the statement still

When you click outside and it turns red, what does the error say? This usually helps to figure out what the issue is. :blush:

Stands in red more, the guy in the course I follow gets this gets this

If the expression is still red, then the issue checker will tell you what the issue is…

so look at that…

(but basically, it’s red because of a type mismatch, meaning the field type does not match the type of the value you’re trying to enter… but again, the issue checker will tell you exactly what’s wrong).

figured it out, filed name in the database had the wrong filed type :hot_face:
Thanks for the help everyone :blush:

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