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Word App: Virtual world app is launched

After a long time and hard work and from the help of bubble community I am able to build my first virtual world app which is called: World.
It took me 20 days to build it’s one planet and for now I am launching this app with one planet and already start working on another planet.

  1. Off course login/sign up :v: .
  2. Update yourself in welcome page:
  3. Choose any world to start with (Currently only Earth is opened).
  4. Choose the area where you wanna go.
  5. Chat in park.
  6. Buy new avatars.
  7. Do farming.
  8. Play mini games.
  9. Use forums.

Play it at here>>
More features and planets are coming very soon :slight_smile:
Thanks for using my app

Please give your feedback and suggestion on how I can improve the app :slight_smile: