Word counter for text elements?

I want to be able to count how many words are in a block of text from a article on the page. Not really sure if there is a plugin to do this or if there is a way to see how many words there are.

Hi there, @1david2hot… I’ve never used it, but maybe give this a shot…


this ought to do it without a plugin

dynamic expression:
article text source:split by " " :count


This is actually better than the plugin as it works in a Repeating Group, which may have several text inputs (ie one per cell, which is dynamic), so it shows the correct figure for that input. The plugin seems to be linked to which ever input has been used last.

Yup, I think the :split by operator was only a month or so old at the time of this post, and if I had known more about it at the time, I wouldn’t have suggested the plugin. It’s a useful operator for sure.

How do you solve the word count with a split if there is to spaces in a row?