Word frequency in Bubble (SOLVED)

Dear community

Before I try and figure this out I was wondering if anyone would already know how to do this.

I have a thing called complaints which has a description field.

I’m looking for a way to best display the top used words to look for trends. Something the same as this chart.

Would anyone know how I would approach this in bubble.

Many Kind regards

Tim Garrett

Blockspring has a tool that does this nicely! Just use the blockspring plugin.

Awesome looks like that will work perfectly!

Nice one Richardson!

Your a Super star.

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Glad I could help!

In fact you’ve helped so much I didn’t realise blockspring was so powerful with charting visualisations.

I’m asking the question now, is it better than the bubble chart elements?

Do you have any experience in these areas?

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Haven’t needed a chart in a while, but I do remember choosing a Blockspring bar chart over the other options once – I just liked the look & feel a bit more. Probably depends most on what you’re looking for, but Blockspring is great!

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