Wordpress with Bubble integration or Bubble for two sites under one domain?

Looking for some recommendations or suggestions on how to move forward with my dilemma. I have two classes that I teach which have completely different branding and content. However, I offer both from the same location and my students can take both. One is an animal movement class and the other is a kung fu class.

I’m using Bubble to do all the back end stuff such as signing up students, letting students track their progress and make payments, store signed forms and track attendance. Both classes share the same backend, which isn’t a problem.

Visually I want the sites to be completely different. So I’m looking to make subdomains and mask them. So www.mymaindomain.com/movementclass would be masked as www.movementclass.com and www.mymaindomain.com/kungfuclass would be masked as www.kungfuclass.com. This is for SEO and searching purposes. This allows visual separation but still able to keep everything tied together in the backend. I also have a Printful/Shopify component for both.

I know that Bubble is more for apps than website building. It seems from my searching through the forums that Bubble isn’t really geared for building out a mulitsite project (two full sites under one domain using subdomains).

Would it be better to build out the multisite project with WordPress and link back and forth with Bubble for when I use the apps or build it all out in Bubble?

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