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Work lost on DEV - How do you manage / backup work?

OK, so I was creating a new landing page and it was all good. I managed to create it on DEV and when I was happy - I pushed the change to live. I did so by making the new landing page as the index page.

When I looked on live site - the page was still the old index page. I did a hard refresh etc on my browser, nothing worked. So I undid the change. However, that put the landing page back to what it was one week previously. I have no idea what happened and I have sent an email to bubble support for it.

However - this led me to the question, how do you backup your work on bubble?

In my case, what I thought was a DEV environment (Editor) somehow managed to lose my work and it just adds that skepticism in my mind when I will be creating new page.

Has anyone else encountered such a scenario and what were the lessons learnt?

OK - so, the issue lay with editor. It’s now resolved. Was to do with some improvements being made.

As for backing up - I have now started “Cloning” the page with _BCKUP at the end of the page, incase the original page is not displayed properly, I will have another page with all the workflows design etc. That’s my solution for now.

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Hi Faiz,

We are planning on a version control system that will address all your use cases and much much more. No timeline yet, but likrly during the first half of 2016.

Generally speaking, everyone’s data is super safe - we have periodic backups in the system, and in case you need to, we can go back and look for the right version. This is a time consuming operation, so we only do it in case a user makes massive mistakes they can’t recover from. So build knowing that your data is safe, and we have your back :smile:


Look forward to that @georgeciobanu . Thanks for the info and happy holidays!

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Thanks, this really made me feel more safe too. How do you backup specific changes in workflows or DB structure in case we need to roll back at a later point.

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We take periodic snapshots.

Is there a plugin or blockspring connection which I could setup to backup everything to an SQL server like every week? Just as an extra layer of data protection?

@georgeciobanu How “periodic” are the snapshots? :slightly_smiling: and kept for how long.

We backup apps continually, and can restore to any point up to 5 minutes ago (ie, in a total database failure, we can lose 5 minutes).

In the next week we will release the ability for you to restore your app to a given point of time. How far back you can restore will depend on which plan you’re on.

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What happens IF?

I believe I am on a 7 day backup plan. So what happens if I make a mistake but don’t realize it for 8 days. And I have not made changes for 8 days. Does that mean all my work is lost because you made 7 days of backups on a bad app.? Just want to make sure. I am pretty sure you thought if this scenario. Let me know… thanks