Workflow 1 has an "error" so Workflow 2 triggers on "element has an error" but how do I reference Workflow 1 in the error capture Workflow 2?

Hi everyone, I’m wondering the best way to accomplish this and not sure if I use states or what. I’m using Integromat and when I create a record, I have the API then send the data as JSON to Integromat which works fine. The problem is that Integromat always has to send back an “Accepted” response, so Bubble will send the data there, then displays an “error” basically saying “Error parsing data from APIconnector2: Accepted”.

The problem is that then kills the workflow, so Bubble support told me I need to create another separate workflow that triggers as “An element has an error running a workflow” which does work, and then set what I want to happen next.

The problem though is how do I refer in this second workflow, to something from the first? I want after the record is created to navigate to another page with the results of step 1. So for example:

Here’s the first workflow:

It works great, but whenever I press that Create Opp button, the workflow runs and Integromat works fine, but then Bubble shows this “error” (I write “error” as it’s not really an error more a response):

So Bubble support said make a workflow like this to now continue on doing whatever I need next:

But where I’m lost is I want to now navigate to a different page, and have the data that gets sent be the results of step 1 in the first workflow, so the opportunity record it created, but I can’t figure out how to reference that in this error capture workflow.

How would I specify in the data to send the record created in the first workflow? I tried messing with states but when picking data to send I wasn’t able to find the state there from the previous workflow.

I could just have this second error capture workflow refresh the page and the user would have to then click the new record from the repeating group, but I really prefer having it navigate there for them.


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Hey @lmoreau ,

I know its 2 years later but do you remember how you solved this?
I have the the exact same issue right now using an integromat webhook.

Thanks in advance.


Hello did you find a solution on this one ? thanks :wink: