Workflow API Endpoint "detect data" is returning weird data types for JSON array

I’m trying to build my first bubble API endpoint, it receives a JSON with all the details about an order from shopify, when i try the “detect data” option, it’s returning the array of products called “line_items” as of type “Request Data line_item” as shown in the image.

I want to grab the JSON data and then create a new order in my bubble database, the problem is that i’m not able to set the array of products(line_items) because of bubble “auto detect” data type:

I have tried the option of “manual definition” for the JSON response and setting the products array(line_items) as a list but this doesn’t seem to return anything, also i have modified the products array as a list in the “Return data from API” step but i’m unable to retrieve any of this modified information in my create order step:

I’m trying to learn bubble backend here so any help or work around for this issue will be greatly appreciated.

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Can you try: in the workflow ‘products set list’ click More and and select the ID. I think the line_items doesn’t have any data for it.


i actually need to retrieve the whole list(array) of products, even if i choose the line_item’s id in the workflow i would get an error because as i mentioned previously, bubble automatically detects the line_item list as data type “request data line item”.

Anyone else have suggestions for this? I am hitting this exact same thing. I want to store a list of elements in a json but Bubble doesnt have a json data type.


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