Workflow assigns change in preview but not in live website

I have a workflow that assigns a user to a “Free” subscriptionplan when he signs in (this a workaround to make the webapp freemium, free to use, but with more limited acces).

In my preview i can sign a user up, he gets into the dev database and the workflow puts a free subscriptionplan to the user. If i deploy the website to live and try the same thing, the user gets signed up, but the subscriptionplan field stays empty.
How is this possible? How do I fix it?

The assign workflow is used for payed subscriptionplans too, so the problem would probably be the same there, but i haven’t tried to pay for my own webapp hahah.

Please help

Does the ‘Subscription’ object exist in your ‘live’ database?

Yes it uses the same database model, every type, every field is the same and uses the same names.

Same workflow, same database, subscriptionplans for users in dev, no plans in the live

I fixed it. While the database were the same layout, i had not filled in the different subscriptionplans into the dataset on the live

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