Workflow based on related column to input data

Hello everyone,

I am new to bubble so I’m sorry if this is a newbie question.

I am trying to direct the login workflow to go to different pages depending on a user type that is defined at sign up. Below you can see in my screenshot there is a user type column. If that is populated with a certain volume, I want a specific workflow to pick it up. Otherwise, I’ll call a different workflow.

The logic I’d like to do at login is:

  1. Capture user by email address
  2. Login user
  3. Check the User Type column related to the now current user
  4. If "User Type = “Vendor”, execute the workflow.

Is it possible to do this at login? It seems like the issue I’m having is that the “Current User” is not logged in yet so it’s not allowing the following criteria to be evaluated. The other workaround I played with is going to a “loading” page and attempting to check then, but that doesn’t seem to work either. I figure I’m missing something when I’m setting that criteria up.

Thanks for the help

Hi there, @silkymitts… if I understand your post correctly, you should be able to do what you have explained, and it shouldn’t be all that difficult. That being said, without knowing exactly what you are trying to accomplish, it’s kind of hard to help. Can you share some screenshots of your workflows so we can get a better understanding of the flow?


Sure. He’s a screenshot of my workflow page. I’m not sure that User Type’s Display is correct, but I only want this workflow to run when the column in my first post equals “Vendor”. What’s tripping me up is that User Type is not a field that is entered during Log In because it is recorded to the User table at signup.

It shouldn’t matter that the user type isn’t entered at login. If the user has already signed up and they have a user type of Vendor, it should work. Want to let me take a peek under the hood? If so, shoot me a link to your editor (privately), and I’m sure we can figure it out.

I admittedly have a lot to learn on this product and am probably just struggling to pick up the no code way of designing my statements. Hopefully I can find the type of solution somewhere in the documentation. I appreciate the thought!

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