Workflow & custom state - disappearing


A created data using a workflow and custom state …

the data are still in the data tab but … the workflow & custom state has disappeared twice from my workflow tab… my app is in view mode

not sure if its a bug… has anyone has had the same experience.

@emmanuel i had submitted the bug report

What do you mean “the workflow and custom state” has disappeared? Can you show a screenshot of what you expect to see, compared to what you’re actually seeing? Or a video showing the issue?

I also got surprised :thinking: well i recreated the workflow… things are not disappearing anymore well please check out my app repeating group is really slow @andrewgassen if you could suggest something…

Looking at the editor, you appear to have nested repeating groups, which tend to take a bit to load. Which repeating group is the one you want me to look at?

@andrewgassen thank you for the time … yes nested three repeating group … well it’s just that it is very slow to upload for the first time … if you could suggest a way round to fetch/reflect data faster… the slowness is taking away the charm

Best Regards

On my machine, it’s actually not loading that slow. I’m looking at the page called “nsr-test.” Everything loaded pretty quick. When I changed the dropdown to select only one of the teachers, it loaded pretty quick too. One thing you could do is instead of loading all the teachers up front, you could make the user choose a teacher. That way, you’re only loading one teacher at a time, instead of all of them. Just a thought.

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