Workflow & database. How would you solve this?

Hi everyone,

Quick question. I am building a real estate listings platform, when the user lists a property it needs to pay for the time it’s going to be listed in the platform. How can I do this in terms of workflow and database?
How can I show the listings in the RG that are active and the time that they are going to be active for?

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hey @ramon.sicre

How do you currently let the user choose a duration? Via a dropdown with already defined values (15 days, 30 days, etc), or is a custom value via an input?

To display listings in the RG, you just need to store the end date in the DB (for example Current date + 15 days if the listing’s duration is 15 days).
From there you can either:

  • show the end date dynamically in your RG’s cell for each listing
  • use this countdown plugin to display how much time remains before the listing’s end date

Hope this helps

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