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Hi, all.

My app’s a business process automation tool. The users are in separate teams via an attribute “organisation ID”, and they can only see/use data related to their team. Each team has a Team Admin and different rules/processes.
There are multiple input forms defined by me (bubble app admin/creator) , such as:

  1. quotation
  2. sales order
  3. shipment info
  4. payment

I’m wondering if there’s a way (and how) to allow Team Admins to define processes for their own team. For example, Team A’s process is 1-2-3-4, but Team B’s is 1-4-2-3.

I thought about creating a Thing name “process”, but I haven’t figured out how to turn that Process Thing into a Bubble workflow. Any suggestion?

You can do a search from your database and retrieve that value to any created field, then use it in workflow.

Hope this help!

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Thanks for the reply.
Could you elaborate a little more, please?
The screenshot is what I have in mind, but how do I make the process match & perform each team’s desired order of events?

Since there are different teams, I think you can create custom event (like the image below), then under the custom event, you can set condition like only when something matches. Then create actions corresponding to team’s process order (like 1-2-3-4 in team A → Step 1 to 4). It can help you organize your workflow better.

After setting the action needed under custom event, you can trigger the it under other event like Button A is clicked.

Not a very detail step, but hope that you can understand the logic flow better!