Workflow deletes records but RG still thinks there's data

I am using a workflow event to delete records from a table but the RG that references the table continues to show blank rows (and sometimes even some of the old filenames) even though the data has been deleted. I’ve tried resetting the group that RG is in, I’ve tried displaying a list, showing previous, showing next, clear list and nothing seems to consistently reset the RG properly.

In the image below you can see empty RG cells and the Files table that feeds this RG is empty. The workflow deleted 15 records, but even the search function in the text field above the RG (showing 15 files) is still thinking there’s 15 records. If I refresh the page, it clears things up but that’s not a good look for the users.

Can you send a link to your editor?

In the second screen-shoot looks like empty fields on existing rows.

PS: Double check you are looking the right version of your app (test and live data are different databases).

Thank you, The image above shows two browser windows at the same time, the one on the left is showing the realtime view of the RG just after a workflow event finished deleting all the data from the table, also shown in realtime on the right with no data to display

Right now I’m only using test data…