"Workflow error - Error calling procedure finish_task, code XX000"

I’m trying to cancel 2 scheduled API workflows:

I’m getting this error:

I know I have the API workflow ID’s in the database:


Do I need to instead be using the ‘Cancel a list of scheduled API Workflows’? If so, how do I store the workflow IDs in the database so that action can parse them, because it can’t parse them when I just store them in a text field:

Do I have to create a separate data type just to store these IDs? I’d rather not. Thanks!

Currently you have a list of IDs separated by commas and maybe spaces, all in a single text.

To split it out into a list of texts with an ID in each, you can use the function :extract with Regex. Have a play with the regex pattern, probably \d+ would work.

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Thanks @mishav! That did it! For anyone else reading, it took me a while to figure it I needed brackets, so:


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