Workflow error not appearing on page

This is getting very frustrating. I have a page where invited users must confirm their invitation via entering their email and temporary password. If they enter the wrong password, the usual message saying that this is the incorrect password does not appear. I have tried using the Unhandled error workflow event - but it never gets triggered on this page. It works fine on my regular login page, but not this one. Furthermore, when I check the server logs, it clearly shows that the workflow error occurred.
I have no idea how to resolve this issue and I have no hair left to pull … anybody got any idea?


It sounds like the token expired. When reviewing the functionality that you are building, it is possible that you are probably using the same email address over and over.

Perhaps this great video by @romanmg could cover some aspects of the issue > How to customize the reset password action in Bubble also has a video on this topic > Building the Reset Password Page | Build Your First Bubble App [18/20]

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, but there is no token involved in this process. If I actually enter the correct password then the workflow continues. I have setup the routine and followed the invitation minutes after with a fresh reset and I still get the same result. When you enter the incorrect password, I am expecting Bubble to behave by running the script to show the error message. This does happen on my user login page. In this case, it doesn’t. Very strange.

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