Workflow Errors -

Hi guys - I am trying to create a workflow that is as follows: When the button “Editorial Team” on the index page is clicked, go to the page “Editorial team” which would look up the names & photos of team members from my data base category “Team” and display it. I think I have all the steps right, but I keep getting the following error on the issues log when I run the workflow: “Go to page Editorial Team: Data to show should be Team but right now it is a List of Teams.” Everything runs fine on the preview, but I just wanna know what am doing wrong that makes this error keep showing on the issue log and how I can fix it. Would really appreciate the help.

If you are doing “Do A Seach for …” before going to your team page, then you will get a list of teams (even if you only have one that matches).

Add :first item to the end of the search.

thanks! this worked.

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