Workflow for animation

I’m trying to make a simple workflow but it is not quite working as expected as I have little experience so far.
I have a multifile uploader input and a submit button. If the user fails to upload ANY files I want the input box to “bounce” to bring attention to the problem (the input is mandatory). What would the workflow logic look like in this scenario?

Add css to make it bounce. Use conditional to control the ID.

I can’t understand your claim clearly. But as I understand it this is solve of your wish.

Thanks for your suggestion. I’m not able to reproduce the event you have listed: "When Do when Multi-FileUploader A isn’t valid. Perhaps it is some sort of custom event. I should probably watch more tutorials etc before proceeding.

It is a “do when condition is true” event

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 1.35.44 AM

It is a conditional clause that says “if this is true” then run the workflow actions

So select the “do when condition is true” , then in the only when portion select your input element

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 1.36.52 AM

and the condition to be met “isn’t valid”

Then you need the workflow action of animate the element

BUT YES watch more (or all) of the bubble tutorials and watch some tutorials on youtube channels by other bubblers and if you want to learn more, think about purchasing a course

Ahh! Now I see how this works. I think I just didn’t understand how to approach the workflow editor properly. Thanks

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