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Workflow for private messages


I’m creating a private messaging system and I’m stuck on creating the workflow. I don’t know how to structure the workflow on how to open the message from the conversation list.

Here’s what I have so far. Below is the conversation list. Should I create a link box over the whole cell that will navigate to the individual message page?

Yes, one way would definitely be to create a link element over the cell. Can you share a link to your app to see which workflows would be best to set up?

Alternatively you could put a group in the cell and then the message contents into this group. You can then set a hover colour change when the mouse is over so you can see which message you are on, then add a click event to the group and send the cell message to another ‘message’ page to do whatever you want for the full thread.


Thank you to the both of you for your help. I will definitely try the 2nd option.