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Workflow Help please

Hi All, Going round in circles here and after some help

I have the following things:
Order, Area, Question, SubmittedAnswer

General logic is a user places an order, they then select applicable areas. Based on the areas selected a list of questions is generated in a repeating group along with a drop down with possible answers.

I have hidden groups etc so workflow wise it is the below
Show - Order Group - User inputs Order in input and clicks next - this generates a new order
Show - Area selection repeating group - user selects various as needed and it is stored in a state called areaSelected - they then click next.
Show - Question repeating group based on areaSelected state (A question already links back to an area), within the repeating group i then have a dropdown that lists some premade answers.
User answers questions and then clicks submit.

My Workflow then is to run a backend workflow to create a new submittedAnswer for each one in the question repeating group. Parameters are:
O = Order from first part
Q = Question from repeating group
A = Answer selected from the question repeating group

I can’t seem to get the dropdown value … when selecting the parameters etc i can link it to the repeating group but it will not show the dropdown.

Am i doing this correctly? Is there another method i should be using? i don’t want to create the questions one by one as the user might go back and de-select an area, hence the need to do it once they submit the order.

Any advice/help appreciated

In your backend workflow, what is the data type for parameter ‘a’? If you want to set it to the result of one of the cells of the Repeating Group, it would need to be of the same type as the Repeating Group.

Hi Steve,
parameter type is text - which is the same as the answer set that the user chooses from
(Thing = Question, within question i then have a list of text answers)

Added three screenshots - hopefully has some insight on what is going on

I would expect to see “drop list of answers” on the third screenshot

A question is related to the answer so I suggest making your Type of Thing in the Workflow accept the answer instead.

Tried that but still no joy - maybe it is my data structure?

So a question consists of a question name and a question answer(list)

Below is the order answer table

From here i set up a simple repeating group listing “do a search for Questions” - bringing back everything. The group then simply has the question name with a dropdown for the possible answers

I then setup the backend workflow as below


Last step is a button on the page to initiate the workflow

Again no option at all to select the value from the answer dropdown. Other elements are fine but it won’t pick up any input or dropdown in the repeating group.

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