Workflow in a table row

“Can I add a workflow to row 1 (repeating) in the table? The workflow is common for all cells.”

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If i understood you well ,
to make a custom WF for first cell you can make a workflow to cell to work only when current cell index is 1

I mean adding a workflow to a row group (not cell by cell) as you would in a RG

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I would also like to know if this is possible. I ran into the same problem, I can’t add a Workflow on a line equal to the Repeater Group.

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Unfortunately you can’t do that at the Moment.
One workaround will be to create a custom workflow and then on every cell, trigger the custom workflow.
That way you are able to edit the actual workflow in just one place.


What a shame it doesn’t work.

Thanks a lot for the help!

Happy end of year holidays!

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