Workflow inside a form

Hi Guys

I’m building a website / app that basically contains forms, the datas are then used to send request to a specific niche market so this niche market can quote / offer their services throughout my platform, with another standard form.

Don’t know if my explanations are clear enough, I’m just at the beginning.

For one of the form I’m “no-codding” now, I’m blocked on the very initial step of it.
I would like to have my form questions adapted to the first answer the user will select.

More simply, here is an example :
First question of the form would be
“How many dogs do you have ?”
If the reply is one = the form continue as it is.
If the reply is two = the form is different with different questions / answers

I would like to have the questions & answers linked between each other in the same pop up form page.

May you help me please ?

Thanks !

You’ll need to be using conditions (either on your page elements or in your workflows) to show the appropriate followup stages of the form, and probably using custom states (along with the input values) to determine which parts of the form to show and when…

for example, Stage 2 of the form might be contained inside a group that is only visible when a custom state value is ‘stage 2’, and within that group there might be two more groups - one of which is visible only when the input from stage one’s value is 1, and the other only visible when the input’s value is more than one.

That’s a very basic, and fairly vague example - I can’t be any more specific than that without knowing anything about your app - but that’s basically the kind of thing you’ll want to be doing.

Hi Adam,

First of all, thank you for your reply.
I really appreciate your support.

I’m going to try this option and let you know.

By the way, do you provide support or services for app building ? (I mean more than answering the different blocking points I could have :slight_smile: )

Thanks again