Workflow Issue after export

Good day bubblers. I have a RG with a list of Bill of Ladings on an export layout. I have a checkbox that allows the user to select the loads (BOL) that they would like to sent to head office. I have the export working well with sendgrid. My issue is, after I have exported the loads, I do not wish for those loads to show up in the RG. I know I can filter them but I find that doesn’t solve the issue of all loads with the checkbox selected being exported. When looking at the RG is looks like it as they are not there as the non exported loads are the only ones present. My goal is to display the RG of NonExported loads. Check the loads to be exported then export only the selected loads, not loads already exported. I have an ExportedField (y/n) in the database. Perhaps after the loads have been successfully export have the Exported field set to yes.
If you understand what you think I am trying to accomplish, please jump in.


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