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WorkFlow - make changes - cannot use char

not able to replace all content on the field “Tablet” with “XX” in a table.
however it allows me to replace the other fields “Balance” with a number 0.

Make sure you’re entering the text into the text box, and not in the dynamic content search box (which it looks like you are doing).

So be sure to click in the box itself (somewhere in the middle is best), NOT on the ‘click’ button.

on a side note (you may be aware of this anyway) there’s no need to include quotations for texts, unless the text value you’re searching for also includes quotations - if it doesn’t then the search wont match.

I finally be able to write it down.

but, after I preview and hit the button, and the data is still no change.
what I expected is to have all records content in field “Teblet-type” to be “XX”
what did I do wrong?


You’re not changing any data… you’re just doing a search for Users who’s tablet type = XX

To change data you need to do it in the Make Changes to a List of Tablets box (the one on the right hand side of your image).

Click the change another field button to make changes to the list of Tablets that your search is returning.

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