Workflow not activating when 'Only when' is met

I have a workflow action that has an ‘only when’ gate. Looking at the step-by-step Debugger the Action condition is passed but according to the logs it doesn’t pass.

Anyone have an idea why this disconnect is happening?


Debugger on page showing Action condition is passed:

Logs showing Action condition failed:

Is “Web3Utils” a plugin or something? When you see behavior like this, it usually means the value you’re referencing is not actually available when this workflow step runs. It (the value) hasn’t actually been published to the exposed state yet. A properly designed plugin will trigger some sort of event to let you know the value is available. (It works in step mode because the value has time to populate.)

Hey Keith.

  1. Yes, its a plugin and as you suggested you a) ask for the data and b)events trigger when data is available.

  1. It seems like even though it says the Web3Utils data is ready Bubble may be running through the tasks too quickly. I can’t add a pause in the workflow since that doesn’t work if you need to modify the DB, and I can’t move ‘modify the DB’ action to a backend workflow (combined with a pause) since I’d still need access to the Web3Utils data to in the ‘Only When’ action for triggering the backend workflow.

Hmm. It could be that there’s a bug in that plugin (like, that particular output is populated after the event trigger). It does seem like this should be working. (The only other thing I’d say is ensure that “Transaction - confirmations” is actually a number and not a string. But if it weren’t a number I don’t think you could build a “>” expression, and your condition would never pass (but you see it happen in step mode) so… that’s not it.)

That was my thinking as well (data populating after trigger).

Talking with dev now.

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