Workflow Not Running Smoothly in Non-Debug Mode

I have a workflow that involves writing to local storage. For some reason, when I run the whole thing straight through, it does not write to it. But when I step through it in the debugger, it does fine and writes to it. I tried adding a 10000 pause after the write-to-storage step, but that did not help.

Anyone know why and/or what else I can do to fix this?



I think the pause action only has an effect on events that happen on the page - e.g. pausing between one animation and the next. I don’t think it slows down the general workflow for actions like updating and writing data.

But I think you’re right to be wondering if things are running out of your intended sequence. In my experience, that’s when you see the difference in behaviour you describe in debug vs non-debug.

I don’t know anything about your workflow but I’d recommend, where possible, trying to have later steps of the workflow be tied to previous steps. E.g. using the result of step 1 in step 2 (therefore step 2 won’t run until step 1 has completed).


What’s happening is that you are attempting to write some data value that you think you have, but actually do not. The issue is not with the writing. It’s that the value you think you are writing is not populated when the write is being performed.

I talk about this stuff (coincidentally in the context of writing to browser storage with my Floppy plugin) in this video:

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