Workflow not updating page from a popup

I have a popup whereby user can work out a discount that they want & apply it to a sales quote.

However, I’m running in to trouble trying to get a custom workflow to run.

The current user process is:

Step 1: User Clicks “Apply” which transfers the discount shown in the popup to the quote page. ($9,613 in the screenshot. This works fine.
Step 2: However, I then want the next action to be to run the custom workflow called “Calculate Total” which, as the name suggests, updates the total prices to include the new discount.

But the prices don’t change. If I call the “Calculate Total” workflow from the page itself, ie by editing the discount field manually, it runs fine & everything changes.

Am I missing something in the link between popup & page?

Hi :wave: can you share more pictures of the other Workflow steps or the link to the editor ?

Here it is
Page is Quote & Element is Discount popup


So it turns out the popup was a bit of a red herring. To anyone who may have similar issues in the future:
I have two discount fields (1 including tax, 1 excluding)
Excluding tax is calculated based upon including tax. My calculation was using the excluding tax field which wasnt actually being updated until after the workflow finished