Workflow "only when" condition with negative time stamp didn't work

I am trying to set a workflow which checks the most recent date of a positive activity on a project. The workflow must only trigger if the most recent positive activity on a selected project is longer ago than a set time period. In my case the time period is two days. (see screenshot of condition)


Unfortunately the workflow didn’t stop even though the selected project had a positive activity, which was less than 2 days ago.

Does someone have an idea where the problem could lie here?

You need a date field in the “PositiveActivity” data-table. That way you can configure your conditions to be time-relative.

The problem with your condition is that you are attempting to make a date/time-related condition on a datatype (PositiveActivity) that doesn’t even have a date from the looks of it.

Thanks for your reply @jamesbond. On the Project level I do have an Activity data-table (see screenshot below). Actions on the deal level do also successfully create a timestamp in the positive activity data-table. Still the condition does not seem to properly trigger the workflow only when the last positive activity is longer than 2 days ago.

Do you have any other suggestions why this could be the case?

Could you show how your data is setup?

Could you please specify which part of the data setup I should show? I am afraid the whole setup is a lot of information to show.

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