Workflow only working in slow/step-by-step

Hey everyone i hope someone can help me because i totally don’t understand how the workflow only seems to work when i use the slow or step-by-step in the preview. In the live version it’s not working either.

The user does login with oauth service and then the username is saved in bubble database:
I have a simple search in a text that should display the username:

And it’s showing the username when i run it in slow or step-by-step.
But not in the normal preview or live version.

If you can, please post screenshots directly in your post versus hosting them on Imgur. Makes navigation a bit easier.

Your workflow here is not complex, so that’s not the issue. But I assume that it has to do with the fact that you’re referencing a newly-created user’s details. I recommend scheduling an API workflow immediately follow the sign the user up action. That API workflow would pass the current user, then make the appropriate data changes.

Similar to this, I’ve noticed step by step mode has some (rightful) quirks related to state-based references within a workflow. Specifically, sometimes a data change that references a recently-updated state doesn’t always catch properly in normal mode, but does in state by state. (I haven’t observed this in a long time, but mainly because I construct workflows with that in mind).

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hey thanks for your insights, am still very new and it seems there are endless ways to get things done in bubble. The pictures sometimes show in the post when i link it, maybe i have to specifically tag them, sry about that.

I seem to have fixed it by using the users data table directly, not sure if this is clever but i create data in another table then updating the user and then deleting the table again. I know i come up with strange things but this seems to work.

In general, using results of a step is a good approach. That way you’re explicitly referencing the thing that has been created/updated.

I see why you’re using the create a new thing and delete a thing in the workflow. (Since the Signup with a social network doesn’t let you access Results of the previous step). So, may be logical to use in this case.

But I’d still recommend switching to an API workflow (provided you’re on a paid plan). That way you can also move any other transactional components (ex. sending a welcome email, making other data updates, etc) within the API workflow versus on the page. Helps a bit from a performance standpoint.

oh wow nice thanks for the input again very helpful. Am happy that i get stuff done in the normal workflow :smiley:
and i have no paid plan anyways, have not run in anything that is blocked which i would want to use.
Really wouldn’t know where to start with the API workflow but i will in case i stick with bubble.

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