Workflow - Order of processing

Hey Guys,

If a workflow of let’s say 100 items is split in to two lots of 50 (and the 2nd not being a result of the 1st), would the time the workflow takes to run be halved on the basis that both are run sequentially?

Or would it still run one and then the other?

Trying to cut load time, that’s why I’m asking

Only way to know is to test

50 actions in one flow :grimacing:

@cmarchan I have a lot of actions…NO…a hell of a lot and I need to design the DB in the right way.

So by your gritted teeth :grimacing: are you suggesting that the actions should be fewer?

In which case, what s the optimum?

Originally, I thought that one large workflow would be more time efficient than 20 small ones but now I’m not so sure after finding the load time is 8-10 secs.


Abuse custom events :sweat_smile:


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Interesting…that answers my question.

So the runtime is quicker using smaller quantities of actions because in effect, it runs them at the same time.

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