Workflow Ordering Problem

This should be widely applicable. I’m trying to build Scrabble, and this step involves:

  1. Placing the tile on the board (which is just a repeating group of tiles)
  2. Removing that same tile from my hand

The issue is, the workflow doesn’t execute sequentially so sometimes the tile is removed from my hand before being placed on the board. I can’t use a separate workflow condition for “Do when…” because this is for a group inside a repeating group.

Any ideas as to how I can force this sequential workflow? I also tried “Use result of step 1” to no avail.

Here’s step 1:

Step 2:

Really appreciate any help!

Hi there,… just a thought, but could you do the second step in a backend workflow and schedule that workflow to run at the current date/time plus a few seconds?



And if you try to store the valeu in a “state” and after this, remove the object from your database based in the stored variable?

Complementing @mikeloc suggestion, if you need to run it on the page you could also create a custom event and schedule it a few seconds later.


Did that! Still not working, which leads me to believe I may actually have a different problem than workflow ordering (potentially the way i structured my database is just wrong).

Thanks for the help anyways, will keep digging and update this question once I get to the bottom of it.

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