Workflow overwriting data

I’ve been slowly chipping away at an answer but I hit another wall. I have a multistep process and with each step there’s changes to the User being made and to other things. I’m noticing as the steps go along, data is deleting, especially Current User’s First name and Last name (but not for all users, just some :thinking:)

here’s step 1 where the first and last names are saved from the inputs. Then, in the second step when I want to update the user (make changes to a thing) image but it seems like at that stage, the first name and last name data gets deleted image .

I think I could definitely structure this whole thing differently and I’d welcome any suggestions around that too but for now, I need to get this fix out so any insight on why the data is deleting would be a huge help!

Do you have an initial value for your input?
Try to use step by step and inspect each data (in blue) to see the result if needed.
If your input are empty, when you make a change, this will also set the data as empty. But if you put initial value (like Current user’s name in input name) this will avoid this issue. Also, be sure to make the field requiered (so user will not leave it empty)

Yup, after step one the step-by-step shows that it’s saving but then it just disappears in the next step

Check privacy rules maybe?

OH WOW thanks @Jici I only recently started using them in my app and I keep falling into that trap.

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